An EP coming up

I haven’t released anything new for a while. That’s because i have decided to collect more tracks to be released at once as some kind of an EP release. I have about eight tracks under production and my intention is to create an album consisting of songs with similar sounds and styles. The style is going to be a bit different from my older releases. Most of the tracks can be categorized as some kind of electronic chill out music with twists of modern chillstep and housestep genres.

I decided to release some previews of the future songs and here they are. Three unfinished songs going to be released in the near future as part of the new Ep:

New EP previews by Westis

A little teaser clip

I’m working on a new part for the previously released track Arctic Nights. I’m so excited about this version that i want you to be able to hear a clip from the project. 🙂 Please note that this is just a demo version of an unfinished song which has not yet been properly mixed etc etc.. Comments are welcome 🙂

Arctic Nights (teaser) by Westis

Unfinished songs in soundcloud

I have never released any unfinished songs this far but now i decided to start releasing unfinished stuff for people to give comments and thoughts on how i should continue with those tracks. The first one is an interlude which i got stuck on and cannot continue for some reason.. might be released as a complete song some day but until then, this is what the song sounds like.

Westis – Unfinished Interlude 1 by Westis