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Skiing again

Today i went to Ylipää skiing tracks in Isokyrö to do some skiing with my colleagues from work. I did 11 km and it was quite ok for the second time skiing this year. Even though the weather was quite warm making the conditions pretty difficult. My arms were aching from the kind of excercise i haven’t been doing for a year or so. 😀

You can see my gps recorded excercise from here: http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/workoutdetail/index.do?id=664953 .

Just bought new skis!

I’ve been excersizing quite a lot in the past month. I’ve been at the gym, swimming and playing badminton once a week. And i feel that my condition is getting a lot better already. I’m more active during the days and i dont get tired so easily any more.

Today i bought cross country skis and i already made a short 5,2 km test run with them. 🙂 I got Madshus Ultrasonic Classic skis, Fischer boots and Exel poles and they cost me 188 euros which is quite a cheap prize for them. These skis were just perfect for me!

I have Nokia Sportstracker on my gps phone and you can see my recorded workout in the following page: http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/workoutdetail/index.do?id=662313.