A new track made during a snow storm

Some electro house with nice basslines this time. This track was created during a weekend which is quite fast for me, because I usually tend to use months to create a track. Always fixing little bits and pieces here and there but this is something different. 🙂

An album coming soon!

At last it’s time to wrap up the projects i’ve been working on during the last 1,5 years. I’m almost done with my album! It’s a nice about 30 minutes long journey into the world of electronic music. It’s hard to explain the album but i’m mixing different genres such as chillout and dubstep (=chillstep), ambient, house and trance into a combination of progressively evolving songs somehow linked to eachother.

The project has taken a long time because i don’t have the time i need to produce music. And the another reason is that my projects keep constantly evolving into different ideas and songs, so instead of one song, i might end up with 3 or 4 different songs based on the original project file.

There’s still some mixing and mastering to be done until i’ll release the album. Stay tuned! 🙂

Re-releases of old tracks

I decided to re-release a few of my older songs. I made some remastering as well but because i don’t have the possibility to open the original projects 100% perfectly so there’s not much remastering to do. Mainly some light EQ:ing and compressing.

As an audio quality enthusiast, i generally don’t like remastered versions of original records (i mean some famous records from 70’s and 80’s) but because i know that i’ve become better at sound engineering over time, i allowed myself to do some remastering to avoid the worst mistakes in the original sound.

Sometimes it’s weird to return to your old tracks you haven’t listened to in years and think “Damn, this sounds good!” and wonder why i don’t compose anything like that anymore? Maybe it’s just a false feeling of the “fact” that things were better before?

In my opinion, one of my best tracks ever released is the last one in this playlist, the progressive house track called “Sound Addiction”. I think the structure is nice and the melodies evolve just like they should. One of my purest songs genre-wise.

Enjoy! 🙂

An EP coming up

I haven’t released anything new for a while. That’s because i have decided to collect more tracks to be released at once as some kind of an EP release. I have about eight tracks under production and my intention is to create an album consisting of songs with similar sounds and styles. The style is going to be a bit different from my older releases. Most of the tracks can be categorized as some kind of electronic chill out music with twists of modern chillstep and housestep genres.

I decided to release some previews of the future songs and here they are. Three unfinished songs going to be released in the near future as part of the new Ep:

New EP previews by Westis