Silence, silence..

Yeah, i know.

It’s been very quiet with my blog and my music during the last spring. I’ve been somewhat busy at work but strangely it hasn’t affected my music composing. I always seem to find time to do some music and i’m about to start releasing new stuff soon. There’s some house tracks coming as well as a bit more dance styled song. And some strange jazzy chill out stuff of which i’m not so sure if i’ll ever going to release them. 😉

Recently i’ve been thinking of buying an acoustic guitar. I mean, a REAL INSTRUMENT. 🙂 It’s still been just a thought but i’ve been thinking that it would be nice to get some “organic” feel into my songs by using more real instruments instead of software synths and samplers. But here comes the best part: i’ve never actually tried to learn to play the guitar! It shouldn’t be that difficult to take the chords i need for a specific song, practice them for a while and then record some nice background noise for the song, is it? The only time i really studied an acoustic instrument was when i took classes for the clarinet for 3-4 years when i was young.

The main problem is that i’m completely out of everything related to guitars, microphones, amplifiers and recording the sound they make. Haven’t had the time or interest to surf the web for the answers. What do i need to record acoustic guitar easily into my pc with good sound quality? And what kind of a not-too-expensive guitar should i buy and so on and so on.. Some day, some day i’ll make the big move and make myself step into a music store and ask some stupid questions about all these things – and propably buy a guitar.