Challenge is going forward

2015 challenge 202Yeah, i’m going strong with my second entry of my personal songwriting challenge for 2015. The second one was born yesterday and i already have a 4 minute track with all the basic stuff included. Some fine tuning and then it’s ready to be released!

Somehow this track is a little bit different in style than my recent tracks. It begins with a nice and dark, smooth, intro where beats are weak, bassline is prominent and chords are simple until the song builds up to something more interesting.

Is my songwriting challenge supposed to feel this easy? Or is it just that i have a lot of ideas waiting at the moment and i will drain out my creativity before the end of the year?

Time for a music composition challenge!

After years of composing music without actually challenging myself in it, i finally decided to challenge myself into releasingĀ at least two tracks a month during the year 2015!

At one point i was even thinking about taking part in Reddit’s one song a week, February Album Writing Month (FAWM) or the RPM music composing challenges but because i have a daytime job and other hobbies, i thought those challengesĀ could be too demanding for me and eventually killing my creativity.

I make no promises on actually releasing two tracks a month but at least i’m trying to release, if not complete full length tracks, at least some ideas and interludes. Hopefully in the end of 2015 i have released 24 new tracks.

The tracks will be released in my Soundcloud account.