Unfinished songs in soundcloud

I have never released any unfinished songs this far but now i decided to start releasing unfinished stuff for people to give comments and thoughts on how i should continue with those tracks. The first one is an interlude which i got stuck on and cannot continue for some reason.. might be released as a complete song some day but until then, this is what the song sounds like.

Westis – Unfinished Interlude 1 by Westis

Ambient Sunrise (part 1)

Some chill out and ambient styled music again with nice synths and strange melodies. I hope you like it. All your comments are very welcom, as usual. There might be a part two or perhaps even part three coming out some day in the future. 🙂

Please download the original in lossless flac format from the window below for the best sound quality.

Westis – Ambient Sunrise (part 1) by Westis