New song: The Flow!


A new song at last! This time the style is quite different than in my previous songs. This song is not as electronic in style as my previous songs because it has some influences from some acoustic genres (“real” drumkits, acoustic guitar etc..).

Read more and download the song from my music page.

Addiktoiva puzzle.

Tänään töissä (!) tuli vastaan aika mielenkiintoinen ja addiktoiva arvoituspeli,
Qwyzzle. Törkeän paljon mietittävää joissakin tehtävissä ja aikaa tämän kanssa saa kyllä kulumaan vaikka kuinka pitkään. Arvoituksia on 100 kappaletta joten ihan hetkessä tätä ei läpi pelata. 🙂

The new homepage


Hello, and welcome to my new homepage (or should it be called a blog now?)!

I decided to change my homepage a bit by converting it into a blog which runs on WordPress to make updates easier. And i’ve also been interested in using some kind of a database to control my pages. I might also use my page as some kind of a blog from now on. Let’s see what happens. 😛

All my old stuff is still available as separate pages and as i started using wordpress i got the possibility to add commenting feature for my music pages.

All the content on my page will be written in english but some blogging posts might be in finnish.

Anyway.. for the next few days my home page will be under development and many things (my songs for example) will be missing and the code won’t be valid until i get everything done! Please check back soon!