Exploring new places

Today was a really beautiful day with sunshine so i decided to go skiing again. I went to see the Öjberget skiing centre just south of Vaasa to see what kind of skiing tracks there are. They were perfect and it was really nice to do a little excercise.

Skiing again

Today i went to Ylipää skiing tracks in Isokyrö to do some skiing with my colleagues from work. I did 11 km and it was quite ok for the second time skiing this year. Even though the weather was quite warm making the conditions pretty difficult. My arms were aching from the kind of excercise i haven’t been doing for a year or so. 😀

You can see my gps recorded excercise from here: http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/workoutdetail/index.do?id=664953 .

Just bought new skis!

I’ve been excersizing quite a lot in the past month. I’ve been at the gym, swimming and playing badminton once a week. And i feel that my condition is getting a lot better already. I’m more active during the days and i dont get tired so easily any more.

Today i bought cross country skis and i already made a short 5,2 km test run with them. 🙂 I got Madshus Ultrasonic Classic skis, Fischer boots and Exel poles and they cost me 188 euros which is quite a cheap prize for them. These skis were just perfect for me!

I have Nokia Sportstracker on my gps phone and you can see my recorded workout in the following page: http://sportstracker.nokia.com/nts/workoutdetail/index.do?id=662313.

Promises for the new year 2009

Hello you all. My blog has been very silent for too long time so now i decided to break the silence. 🙂

People tend to make promises for the new year and i made some promises as well. I’ve never used to make them but this time i felt that i have make some.

As you might know my studies in the University are still unfinished and i haven’t done much progress during the last year and a half. So i naturally made a new years promise to start really studying. Right now i’m writing this post in the science library Tritonia where i’ve just spent 4 hours studying the math course i started going last Wednesday. As i’m working full-time during the days i have to organize my time so that i’ll go to evening lectures and study in the evenings. And i’m doing my evening studies in the library because i cannot study effectively at home. You know there’s too much more interesting things to do than to study. So 2 hours in the library are way more effective than 2 hours at home. And as a bonus, as i study in the library i can separate the work from the leisure. When i’m at home i’m resting without pressure to study. I think it’s important for your mental health.

The second promise i made for this new year is that i’ll start swimming once a week. And i’ve already started. Last thursday i went to the swimming hall and swam for 1 kilometers. It took about 30 minutes. Sounds quite a long trip for the first swim after a half a year but  at least i’m not feeling any pain in my muscles so my physical health must be quite good. It’s propably because i’ve been playing badminton once a week for half a year with my friends. So this year i’m going to excercise at least twice a week. Swimming and badminton. And of course some walking, cycling or gym training will be in my week schedule every now and then.

The third promise i made is that i’ll start regularly updating my blog. I’m going to tell you about my excercises, studies, music and whatever subject comes to my mind. So keep up reading my blog this year. 😉

The fourth promise is not actually a promise but i’ll keep it as a promise. I’m going to release new music this year because i have so much unfinished songs which would be a waste to throw away without a use. 🙂

Of course i made some other promises as well but not all of them are meant to be public. 🙂

So now i want to wish you all a happy year 2009.

PS. What promises did you make? Please write them in the comments to make some discussion to make this blog more interesting.