The old music page (2004–2008)

You can find my music releases made between 2004 and 2008 from this page. This is my old page which i used to update regularly when releasing new songs.


I’ve decided to divide my songs based on “albums” because there are significant differences between different eras of my music-making. They’re not real “albums” or “cds”.

Open the player to listen to all of my tracks in this page (opens in a small new window and requires flash).

Westis 4.0 (2007-)


In some recent releases i noticed the change in style of my tunes and as the “Westis 3.0” collection had already 10 songs it felt logical to “finish” the 3.0 era and move on to new 4.0! 🙂 We’ll see what kind of tunes i’m releasing in the future but when i’m listening to my unfinished tunes i get the feeling that i’m going to release more pop-alike music in the near future. So stay tuned! All your comments have been very helpful and encouraging.

Spring Interlude 28.03.2009 *NEW*
Sound Addiction 26.06.2008
Autumn chill (part 2) 6.12.2007
Autumn chill (part 1) 25.9.2007
Aural Progression 25.4.2007
Sunrise 6.3.2007
Winter beats 5.2.2007

Westis 3.0 (2004-2006)


The 3.0 tracks are made between the end of 2004 and 2006. In my opinion, these tracks sound a lot more professional and the mixing is better than in any of my previous release.

The tracks of 3.0:

The saturday feeling 5.12.2006

Slow motion 10.7.2006
Troniq house 10.5.2006
Troniq 24.2.2006
The theme part 3 (chill) 6.1.2006
The Flow 14.12.2006
The theme part 2 19.6.2005
The theme part 1 30.5.2005
A place by the sea 24.4.2005
Flying 20.11.2004

Westis 2.0 (2003-2004)


During the years 2003 and 2004 i had many tracks under production but none of them got released at first. Then, one day, i decided to finish all these tracks and release all of them at once so that i could start producing some new stuff. 🙂

The tracks of 2.0 (released 24.8.2004):

[01.] Midsummer beats
[02.] A beautiful day
[03.] Kesä
[04.] Restless mind
[05.] Day of joy
[06.] Fuzzy morning

Westis 1.0 (1997-2003)

I started releasing music in the year 1997 and my productions from 1997 to 2003 can be found from my Golden Oldies page.


Retropop – Pieni ja ihmeellinen (Westis remix) 25.9.2006 *NEW*

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