The Flow

Some more pop-like stuff this time. I got the inspiration to make this song by sampling my brother Jari’s ( ) guitars and by adding some beats and chords to it and so on… and the result is this song. 🙂

I really don’t know in which genre should this song be.. Something instrumental pop music with influences from electronic music. 🙂 If you have any good ideas, please tell me…

Lo-Fi Play | Hi-Fi Play | Download (160 kbps, 05:17, 6,05MB)

Or listen here (requires flash):

4 Replies to “The Flow”

  1. vautsivau!!!! upeeta työtä .. jälleen kerran ..!! Jatka samaan malliin!! Nähdäillään…( varmaan tos uudenvuoden tienoilla…!! 🙂

  2. EN:
    This song is soft and very well arranged. I love it. You’re a really talented guy Westis !

    Cette zik est douce et très bien arrangée. j’adore. T’es un mec vraiment talentueux Westis !

    Bardzo spokojny i dobrze aranzowany utwor. Uwielbiam. Jestes naprawde talentowana osoba Westis !

    Kono keiongaku wa yoku hakaraite, daisuki desu. Westis wa jinzai de aru!


  3. Don’t know why, but The Flow happens(?) to be really impressive:)
    The atmosphere is able to reach something betveen flowing and gliding…well done you…guru!

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