Sound Addiction

A nice progressive house track with some oldschool sounds.

Again it’s very difficult to tell you something about a new song so let the music speak for itself! I’ll let you write the description in the comments part! 🙂

Links to

Download MP3 (160 kbps)
Lo-Fi Play | Hi-Fi Play

Direct link in

Download MP3 (VBR kbps, 04:26, 5,99MB)

Or listen here (requires flash):


3 Replies to “Sound Addiction”

  1. Hey finally I can add a comment ! 🙂
    Not member of Mikseri I couldn’t and your site had dissapeared for a few days ne. 😉

    Always Happy to listen to your New trax. When Can we buy the pressed CD ? 😉

    For the moment I added a few of your trax on my cellphone as I had nothing I wished to listen to.
    Well tommorow as I’ll go working I’ll put these to my ears. \(^o^)/
    Well I have to sleep but I think I will add more trax from you in the next days.

  2. i wrote you before, my friend. a long time ago. i still check in here on occasoin to see if there is anything new. i came across ‘sound addiction. good work. danceable.

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